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advice is the key
keep more of the income your create
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Mountain Peak
is the key
Mountain Peak

When we talk to successful, self-employed financial advisers about their business dreams we hear a common story.

Too often the reason why they got into the advice business has become lost or distracted.


With the pressures of regulatory change, rising compliance burdens and the influence of large financial institutions to pursue their own interests has taken the passion and the fun out of running a small business financial advice practice.

Mountain Peak
keep more
of the income
you create
Mountain Peak

Advice Evolution offers a refreshing alternative to the institutionally-owned financial planning licensee model.

Our philosophy is adviser freedom. We want to empower advisers to do what they do best – give great advice and build the wealth and independence of their clients.

As a member of our best practice adviser community you’ll gain access to quality market-leading services you need and none of the low value services you don’t need that just add to the cost of running a business.

We provide back office services and support you’d expect from a quality AFSL partner, such as compliance support, technical strategy, product research and remuneration systems. These services are outsourced to the best providers in the market under our strict service delivery policy and performance standards and negotiated fee agreements.

Mountain Peak
crunch the numbers
- it works
Mountain Peak

Advice Evolution charges a hybrid flat fee & gross earnings based split. Every adviser in AE gets the same fee, we do not discriminate on size of business. 

Advice Evolution has been designed to be profitable in its own right so as to create equity value for its members over time. Advice Evolution is owned by advisors, ex-advisers and staff. Members holding equity decide the distribution of profits and ultimately, the sale of the business in the future for capital realisation.

Our objective is to consistently offer continued education and support through PD days, annual conferences, CEO & EO site visits and we also have a ‘non-weekly’ podcast hosted by our CEO, which allows our members to stay up to date with AE events and updates within the industry. 

Advice Evolution is a smart virtual business that doesn't waste money on big offices and other things that the larger licensee’s do. 

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Mountain Peak
Mountain Peak

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