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frequently asked questions

  • Am I the right type of adviser you’re looking for?
    Let's meet and discuss this one. If you have read this site and think you like the model, we are pretty sure you will fit the bill.
  • Can you help me grow my business?
    We have processes and resources available to help you grow your practice. The best tool in our experience is knowing that the advice you give is non conflicted.
  • ​How do you provide technical support?
    We have support from fund manager and back office service teams that will provide all the technical support you need. We also have in house experts in SMSF, Shares and Aged care.
  • How do you manage your APL?
    ​ Our APL is managed by the board of directors with the input from research which is outsourced.
  • Can I brand my own business?
    Advice Evolution is not aiming to attract clients to your business. We want you to have your own image and business identity.
  • Is the licensee adequately funded?
    The licensee is profitable in its own right and has a secure capital reserve.
  • Does the licensee fund its growth by debt?
    Advice Evolution has no debt.
  • How does the equity model work?
    Advice Evolution is owned by a unit trust. Principle planners can be offered equity in this trust.
  • How do you ensure compliant advice across your practices?
    Like any other licensee, you will have an annual audit and a visit from the Advice Evolution staff.
  • How do I transition from my existing dealer group?
    After you resign from the old dealer group they then release your clients. Once this has happened we will appoint you and ensure that your future income is channelled through Advice Evolution.
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