Why Join Us?

A voice in your own future


Advice Evolution is different from most other financial planning licensees in Australia today because:

  • We avoid all conflicts and influences of financial product manufacturers and large financial institutions
  • Our authorised representatives – or business partners as our members are known – have a direct voice in the decisions of the licensee
  • We offer authorised representatives the option of gaining equity in the licensee to share in its future success and capital value

A place to thrive


If you’re a self-determined small business financial adviser with a bias for quality advice and your client’s best interests and feel like there must be a better solution to building a business and sharing more fairly in the value you create we’d welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

Advice Evolution is suited to those financial advisers seeking:

  • to join a motivated peer community of like-minded professionals and be prepared to share and contribute to the licensee
  • an opportunity to share in the economic value created in a licensee
  • to retain more of the income generated from their advice
  • to put their clients’ interests first ahead of a product provider or institution’s interests and be passionate about providing truly great advice to their clients
  • to control the direction of their own destiny by choosing to use and pay for only the services they really need and value in their business
  • to put the fun and enjoyment back into running their advice business and revitalise their energy for the important work of creating financial freedom for Australians.

If this sounds like you we’d love to invest time with you to understand what drives you, your values, your goals and dreams for your business and your clients and the desire you have to create your own future.